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Art as a Catalyst for Change

I am always so amazed at the number of women who speak out on behalf of other women and girls, and who allow their own suffering to act as a motivating factor in contributing to awareness and empowerment.  As of late, I have been noticing more and more men becoming involved in feminist issues.  I think it is really important to take note of the kind of impact that men can have on helping to reduce violence against women, and improving gender equality.  They add a voice that is unique, and has the ability to reach other men in a way that I think sometimes women cannot.  I came across this article through, about Mark Tuschman, who gave up a career in science to embark on one in photography.  He has dedicated his work to photographing women’s stories across the globe, documenting their struggles and triumphs.  I wanted to post this because I think it demonstrates the ability of art to function as a medium for social awareness, and a driving force for change.

Link to article:

Source: Girls Globe

Author of Article: Justine Stacey