Education to Stop Exploitation

A great article written Gordon Brown, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, discussing the need for and the growing empowerment of women across the world.  He places great emphasis on the need for education to eradicate many of the challenges facing the women today.

‎”The quickest and most effective advance we could secure immediately is to move girls out of exploitation and into education” – UN Special Envoy for Global Education Gordon Brown

“2013 is the year when a new form of female empowerment will not only change the way we see the world, but finally deliver rights that have been denied for too long — and that starts with every girl’s right to an education.” -Gordon Brown


Victim Blaming Has to Stop

Micro Finance Loans

War Child Canada runs programs that provide women with the chance to develop an education, life skills, and business development skills in areas where opportunities for women are scarce.  Micro finance loans are a way for women to start their own business, contribute to their local economy and, gain much needed independence.  Attached is a short article depicting War Child Canada’s work with women in Afghanistan.


Half the Sky

A fantastic documentary and also a book, both entitled Half the Sky, that depict many stories of women facing oppression.  The film and book promote the need for empowerment of women and girls through providing opportunity, equal rights, and safety from physical and emotional violence.

Half the Sky trailer:

“If we are going to see real development in the world, then our best investment is women” ~Desmond Tutu

Catapult is an amazing funding platform dedicated to gender equality. It identifies and connects us with different projects all across the world that target the empowerment, rights, and equality of women and girls.  

“More than 500 million girls and women will be denied the opportunity to take part in the next generation’s development. This doesn’t have to be the reality. Organizations working for girls and women currently raise less than half the average amount raised by other nonprofits and charities. Catapult combines the financial power and actions of people like you to help tackle gender inequality around the world.”


Effective Legal Systems

A New York Times editorial demonstrating the terrible mistreatment and raping of women in India. It is not enough to simply have legal systems set in place, they must be effective and seek justice and prosecution for horrific crimes.

“The world’s largest democracy can never reach it’s full potential if half of its population lives in fear of unspeakable violence”.


I began writing this blog to help bring awareness to the issue of gender inequality, an issue that affects us all on a global scale. This blog will shed some light on the injustices committed against women and girls throughout the world, share stories of struggle and hope, and promote the empowerment of women everywhere.

In many places women and girls are considered expendable, less than human, and are treated as such. Although it is an uncomfortable issue to face, difficult to read about, and easy to turn away from, it is important to see in its full reality due to the enormity of suffering that is inflicted upon women in so many parts of the world.  Violence against women is an issue that can be stopped and it requires effort from a political scale to a individual one.

The right to an education, to freely choose a partner, to safety from physical and emotional violence, to make choices about their bodies, and to be provided the opportunity to contribute to a community, are all rights that women and girls deserve. Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl Wu Dunn, authors of Half the Sky, propose that women are not the problem but are a big part of the solution to many of today’s global issues .  Empowering women through education, contribution to the local economy, and freedom from harm has a ripple effect that carries throughout entire communities, bringing greater health, happiness, safety, and success to everyone.

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